We are glad to announce that Trinity Temple has re-opened with appropriate precautions. If you missed the most recent fellowship, here is a recap…

Brother Morris read the opening scriptures.

There were several inspiring testimonies (unfortunately, my video equipment was not cooperating).

We had a grand time in praise and worship (lead by Sister Shenica).

We welcomed guest minister, Elder Lonnie Ingram along with his wonderful family (featured in photo at the top of this post). Elder Ingram gave the message: “Don’t Count Me Out.” (Due to file size limitations, I had to break the video into three mp4 files of about ten minutes each.)

“Don’t Count Me Out” PART I

“Don’t Count Me Out” PART 2

“Don’t Count Me Out” PART 3

If you’re in the market for an exceptional vehicle, contact Elder Ingram!

We wished Sister Ayeshah a happy birthday!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Trinity Temple Church will host a major family fellowship and worship music event in July of 2021. This event is a fundraiser for the Pastoral Committee and the Building Fund. It will be professionally managed by 𝄞 RSR Entertainment. For more information, contact Sister Anita (Pastor’s Aide Committee) or Sister Shenica (Pastor’s Aide Committee), or visit our events page.

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